After the released of the first iOS 13.2 beta to developers, Apple also made available the beta of iPadOS 13.2.

When Apple released iPadOS 13 on September 24, it turned to 13.1 to fixed a number of bugs and ensured that the version number remained the same as iOS 13. That is why Apple is now ready for iPadOS 13.2, the next major update for the iPad. 

Developers and public beta testers with an iPad can update this to iPadOS 13.2 beta 1 by going to Settings> General> Software update.

iPadOS 13.2 is the first major update of iOS 13. This probably resolves a number of errors that have been discovered since iPadOS 13. There may also be new features in the iPadOS 13 that have not been achieved.  

You can often encounter problems when testing betas. First of all, not all functions are usually immediately available but are added and expanded during the test period. You may also suffer from crashes or some apps may not work properly. 

So keep in mind that if you decide to test a beta iOS update, it is therefore not recommended to install on a device that you use every day, because there may still be many problems in the beta. 

Note: these betas are only intended for developers and public testers and are not suitable for use on devices that you need every day. 

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