iPhone firmware


Few minutes ago, Apple released the third beta of iOS 9. The main novelty of this new version is that the Music application has full integration with Apple Music. In previous betas, the Music application of IOS in September had only 3 tabs, “For you,” “New” and “Connect” sections being absent. In addition, the new icon of the application is included, leaving the red background with white note to adopt a white background with a colorful note.

As with all updates, it is expected to improve overall system performance in this new beta and include bug fixes, as a known bug that prevents a nonexistent copy occupy some space in our 5GB iCloud.

According to “reliable sources,” the third beta of iOS 9 has been delayed because a serious error that had to be repaired was detected. He even got to show early information about the new version and is available for less than two hours reddit, published by the user tomthefnkid ago. The information details some known bugs and possible solutions, but I think it would be worth a little delay the launch of the beta if that a greater number of failures is solved.


Considering that have had only 24 hours to fix the fault, as I do not recommend installing this beta until we are sure there are no major problems. I myself will be a guinea pig, but because I have an iPhone with which to do this kind of testing. No why spend anything, but if you already worth being cautious with other betas, with this we have to have a little more careful.

For those who are not developers or you have the UDID registered and you were hoping to use the first public beta while the beta 3 for developers, bad news. Not yet be available, at least it not expected to be released until July 21. There will have to be patient.

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