Apple releases iTunes 12.4.3 for Windows and Mac


El-Capitan-iTunes-12.4Apple has released a new update for iTunes, application necessary to iPhone users.  OS X users should have the update waiting in the Mac App Store, while Windows will have to open iTunes so that you open the Apple software update. If you look better, you can also go to the web to download iTunes for Windows and download the latest version or go directly by clicking this link.

If, like me, you are waiting for more important in terms of interface innovations, we must remember that these changes came with the release of iTunes 12.4. No major changes are discarded in the coming months, especially if we consider that the application of IOS Music 10 ha yes received a facelift far more important than the version for OS X / MacOS. In any case, today we have a new version of iTunes that will enhance the experience to save lists from an iOS device.

The iTunes 12.4.3 version for Windows and Mac fixes issues, in some cases, prevented the update changes iTunes playlist when these were made by other device.

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