iOS 10

iOS 10

Apple has released the final version of iOS 10. At first, this version should be the same as that released last Wednesday after the keynote in which introduced the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2, but it is possible that there is some improvements.

For example, if you have been testing the Golden Master of IOS 10 and / or reading news iPhone know that not all users can send text with invisible ink or with different forces from the Messages iOS application, while others also have access to paragraph images from which you can send animated GIFs. These problems can be reason enough for Apple has taken the week and has launched a system that works better.

The most important step, as always, is to back up all important data, so it can happen. As soon as the direct links are available, it will be posted on our download page. In the mean time, if you want to download via OTA or iTunes, the steps are explained below.

Update via iTunes

The second way is undoubtedly the less practical and more expensive, but it is also the only option to perform an installation of iOS 10 “clean”. To update via iTunes you should not download the update directly from iTunes because we would put so much right now, but we recommend downloading it from our direct link. Once the download is finished, open iTunes, go to the management section of your device and click on “Check for Updates” by clicking the ALT key on the Mac or Control on Windows and then select the new screen of the iOS 10 files to download from our download page . From this point on, the procedure will be automatic.

OTA update

The way certainly more convenient and faster to update to iOS 10 is definitely the update OTA (Over-The-Air). British big words aside, this update is really very simple and no doubt this is the solution that we feel to advise from those proposed. Go to Settings and go to the General menu> Software Update.  After a few seconds – unless problems with Apple’s servers – upgrade to iOS 10 will appear on the screen. Then just click on “Download and Install” and wait for the update download. Once you download the update, be sure to click on “Install” . To confirm the update to occur just insert, if required, the security code. The update will then be started and the operation is completely automatic.


As always, do not hesitate to comment explaining how you are running iOS 10, a version that is expected to be more fluid than iOS8 and  iOS 9.

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