Apple Releases tvOS 10.2 Beta 4 For developers


apple-tv-4Apple released the fourth beta of tvOS 10.2 released to developers. Registered developers can already get acquainted with the new features, including improved scrolling.This fourth beta version comes with a lot of new features are there not tvOS 10.2, which will appear only beta for developers. A public beta is not currently available for tvOS. Although Apple promises “new features, bug fixes and improvements to the OS and the SDK”

In short, it is mainly features of interest to developers and even then they are not very impressive. In the previous update were still at least two new features, a TV app and the Single Sign-on feature. In both cases these are features available only in the US. The TV app lets you search for TV shows and movies for viewing via suitable streaming services. For example you can see the new episodes are coming and you get recommendations for things you can look yet. Single Sign-on means that you can easily log in to TV providers, without you getting your username and password necessary to enter. Sadly sitting in tvOS 10.2 no major new features.

You can tvOS 10.2 beta 4 download through Apple’s developer program.

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