Apple Releases watchOS 2.2 For Apple Watch




Today Apple launched the final versions of all operating systems including the final version of watchOS 2.2. This new version of watchOS comes with many new features, unlike iOS 9.3 and tvOS 9.2 yes arriving with a good group of useful new features.

The first novelty that comes with watchOS 2.2 is that iPhones with iOS 9.3 or later can be matched and interchanged with several Apple Watches. Until this actualicación, if a user wanted to pair your iPhone with another Apple Watch before the first had to unpair and re-pair it with the new, something that we can say it was anything but fast and useful. It is not a novelty.

WatchOS until the release of 2.2, when the application maps we saw our current position and had to do a deep press to view options. Now the application opens directly onto a screen with menus and options with larger buttons for easy access. Moreover, it has also been included a larger to search button.

Considering that the most interesting innovations of OS X arrive in October and both iOS 9.3 as tvOS 9.2 include useful new features, I think watchOS 2.2 is the worst update which launched today for all operating systems apple . With a device that has less than a year old (or at least the first users will have less than 12 months), Apple should put batteries in developing watchOS or could see how people lose interest in the Apple Watch. Hopefully they have something better in the future.

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