nelson-mandela-apple Apple On the official website homepage honors the Nobel Peace Prize winner, former and first black president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela,who died on December 5.

Residents of South Africa , and all over the world mourn the Nelson Mandela . Known as a fighter against apartheid , Nobel laureate , and the first black president of South Africa – 95 -year-old Mandela was a symbol of the struggle for freedom and civil rights – not only for South Africa. In recent years, Mandela was seriously ill , in public , he almost did not appear.

From all over South Africa’s condolences to come – from politicians , human rights activists , community leaders and international celebrities . In the UN Security Council in memory of Mandela held a minute of silence , and in Venezuela in connection with the sad event declared three days of mourning. Even at half-mast over the White House state flag , and President Obama is going to come to the funeral , even though the CIA at the time the South African intelligence services helped send Nelson Mandela in prison.

Grandson of former South African President Nelson Mandela thanked the citizens and the world for the support of his family. “Messages that was received last night , encouraged and shocked us ,” – said Mandela .

My condolences on the death of former South African president expressed such famous people as artist Yoko Ono , documentarian Michael Moore , actor Samuel L. Jackson , Denzel Washington , Charlize Theron , singers and musicians Lionel Richie , Justin Timberlake , Ricky Martin , Alicia Keys , Beyonce, Paris Hilton .

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the death of former South African President Nelson Mandela, a great loss for the world. ” Nelson Mandela was a man of peace and a real inspiration. He was a symbol of freedom, dignity and reconciliation of millions of people , regardless of race . His death is a loss for all of us, but his legacy continues to live for the world , “- said in a statement Rasmussen .

It was an amazing person . Fighter for freedom and human dignity . It is about each of us. RIP Nelson Mandela “- tweeted Apple CEO Tim Cook . He expressed condolences to his family , the Government and people of South Africa.

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