Apple has eliminated its API in detecting the jailbreak four.2.1 iOS. This isn’t a victory for Jailbreakers as a result of this API may also be reinstalled if Apple decides however the query is  why it was once eliminated ….?

 Apple has eliminated the detection API to IOS.

API is a detection machine that Apple had offered, and a tool to become aware of jailbroken or no longer. It additionally helps enhance safety and stop execution of malicious device on the software.

Apparently the apple, for quite a lot of causes, kind of recognized, has deleted this detection gadget within the firmware four.2.x.


According to some researchers, such as Joe Owen, Apple has decided to end the game of cat and mouse with the hackers.

"It's an Interesting concept – Asking the OS to tell you if it has Been Compromised, Because a smart attacker Might That very first exchange Part of the OS. Jailbreaks Often Get Better and Better at The Fact That disguising Anything has-been Compromised. [I] t May Be feasible to detect Jailbreaks Specific version of a gold standard, goal They Will Still Be Trapped in the cat and mouse game THEY Play With Jailbreakers.Whatever THEY add [In The OS] to detect The jailbreak, if It Is To Be From The queried iOS kernel, It Must Be accessible and Have the Ability to Be Changed. Meaning, if It Is Going To Be a Useful detection method It Can Be aussi circumvented. It Is A Fairly intractable problem to solve 100%. "

This deletion is very shocking to some, for others, advantageous because hackers and others could find more faults, and modify system files, with access to them.

The question remains whether Apple has not made a false move in frameworks  firmware 4.2.1.

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