Apple Removes ‘Store’ From Its Retail Outlets



It seems that Apple is making a slight change in the trade name of its retail stores.The company is eliminating the word “store” of Apple Store trademark , which refers to the chain stores that have spread throughout the world.

Apple no longer make improvements and changes, small and insignificant that they may seem. Right now the company has adopted generic names for large numbers of their products and services (Watch, Photos, Music …) comes and removes the word “store” brand chain of physical stores, Apple Store.

This change is hardly noticeable and, of course, is very relevant and in no way affect your retail business, however, continues to attract attention.

Apple has already made the online exchange, and all pages of the shops now refer to these by their names preceded by the Apple brand: “Apple Union Square” or “Apple Valley Fair” or “Apple New Condomina,” instead of “Apple Store, Valley Fair” or “Apple Store, New Condomina.”

It is a change that seems to have begun with the launch of the new Apple stores, like the location of Union Square in San Francisco. Apple has always referred to the store just as Apple Union Square. And in recent days, the company has updated all its pages retail stores to remove the brand “shop”. What was once “Apple Store, Fifth Avenue,” for example, is now just “Apple Fifth Avenue”.


Not much that Apple sent a memo to all employees of its retail stores ago. However, employees were told that this change would take place gradually, and begin to be applied to the newly opened Apple Store.

Finally, the company has stepped on the accelerator and decided that the word “store” is practically removed once both in stores and on the web.

Why the change?

We said before that this was a very slight change and in no way affect the retail business Apple. However this is not entirely true, at least not from a deeper point of view, almost business philosophy.

Since the birth of the first Apple Store in the early two thousand years, it has always been said that these were much more than local shops. Indeed, anyone who has visited any of these stores have noticed that, curiously, the operation is carried out under them in the buying and selling of products. The Apple Store are places for learning software products and apple, are a meeting point for friends and above all, are places where users go to answer questions and repairs.

This does not mean that the ultimate goal of the Apple Store does not sell, but it is not what is offered at first glance.

The decision to remove the word “store” as part of the traditional name Apple Store in its outlets and online would be directly related to the desire to intensify the idea that Apple stores are much more than shopping, trying to position them as meeting places for their communities.

Apple Union Square, for example, features an outdoor plaza where regular musical performances and a huge video 6K screen are made. It’s called “Forum”, which aims to enable artists, photographers and musicians inspire customers through programs, events and classes throughout the year.

(via: MacRumors)

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