Apple has considering the fact that 2010 licensed on the steel alloys of Liquidmetal Technologies.This gave Apple the exclusive right to the material and its use patents. In 2012 the deal was off, but Apple has decided to extend it. That data show that Apple has with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Apple used Liquidmetal for the SIM tool that you have a SIM card from the iPhone can sting. This seems a trivial application, but it runs Apple’s ability to gain experience with the material and its production. Liquidmetal was rumored to be used for the back of the next generation iPhone. The creator of Liquid Metal saw earl
ier apps in the new iPhone.

The agreements between Apple and Liquidmetal take place through a separate company called Crucible Intellectual Property LLC. This gives Apple the full license but also had all the discoveries that fall under the intellectual property available to Apple. The previous appointment appears to have declined onFebruary 5, 2012. By adapting the contract runs the appointment now on February 5, 2014.


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