Apple has decided to call a spade a spade. Disappeared from the App Store button is familiar to us “free” or «Free» (in foreign stores). Most likely, this is not so much a decision Apple, as the transition of almost all publishers on the  Freemium model, which has gained wide popularity among developers, one of the main problems which – to get users to spend money to buy the app.

It is assumed that the change is due to the regulatory requirements of the European Union labeling shareware games. The European Commission has decided to protect European users complaining that their ill-informed about the in-game purchases, and this, in turn, leads to unnecessary spending. In January 2014 in the US, Apple was forced to return the 32.5 million dollars to those parents whose children are out of control spending money on in-game purchases.

Why? Because now the in-app purchase can not be defined as, according to information from the US Federal Trade Commission, asking for a different nomenclature to identify the best applications for the protection of consumers. In the App Store are an increasing number of applications available for free yes, but with different options of in-app purchase. Different users have then complained about the presence of the key “free” even in applications that, in fact, they needed to spend money on.

“Free” turned into “Download” and “Free” in “Get”.


By the way, this time with Apple repeatedly played a cruel joke. Trick users sue, demanding to compensate the money spent on the HPI-Appa. And if compensated voluntary in-game purchases, I would still argue that the claim about the wrong price tag of “free” I completely agree.

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