Apple reports Q3 2019 revenue of $53.8B


Apple has announced the latest quarterly figures, which include April, May and June 2019. We are talking about the third fiscal quarter of 2019, which is not synchronized with the calendar quarters. According to Tim Cook, it’s Apple’s “biggest June quarter ever”, driven primarily by services, growth in wearables, and strong performance with iPad and Mac. Exactly one year ago, $53.3 billion in revenue was recorded. Cook also talks about a significant improvement with the iPhone.

These are the most important figures (with growth rates compared to the same quarter last year:

revenue between $61 billion and $64 billion
gross margin between 37.5 percent and 38.5 percent
Quarterly revenue: $53.8 billion (+ 1%)
Sales from iPhones: $26.0 billion (-11.8%)
Sales from iPads: $5.0 billion (+ 8.3%)
Sales from Macs: $5.8 billion (+ 10.7%)
Turnover from wearables, home, and accessories: $ 5.5 billion (+ 48%)
Turnover from services: $11.5 billion (+ 12.6%)
Tax rate of approximately 16.5 percent

As can be seen from these figures, the turnover from iPhones is not doing as well. That is because it shrinks by 11%. Other products, on the other hand, are growing, especially with wearables (almost 50% in the plus) and with services (+ 12.6%) there is an increasing trend. Although there is a record quarter for June, it is also clear that revenue growth is flattening somewhat. There is only 1% growth compared to last year.

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