Apple request for U.S ban of Samsung Smarphones models is rejected



The Federal Court dismissed the suit in the U.S. Apple to ban U.S. sales of some models of the Samsung smartphones is rejected, which, according to the previous decision of the court, were illegally used California technology manufacturer.

The U.S. side demanded to ban sale 26 phones Samsung. The judge based its decision on the fact that mobile devices Samsung have some distinctive features, only a small part of which Apple has a patent. The court also found that the company did not provide sufficient evidence to show that the violation of patents Samsung impact on iPhone sales in the U.S..

«Samsung, maybe do some hole in the customer base Apple, however, indications that the vendor will destroy the Apple customer base or replace it out of the business of producing smartphones, not” – said Koch.

In a separate ruling, Judge also rejected the demand of the new Samsung hearings. The latter claims that one of the jurors in August had been involved in misconduct, because it said that in the past had been involved in a lawsuit against Seagate Technology Inc., One of the shareholders of which is Samsung.

“The Court can not build on those statements in deciding whether to hold the hearing of evidence, so that the court has no proper evidence that would need such a hearing” – wrote Koch.

Recall that in August, the court ordered the South Korean side of the U.S. to pay 1.05 billion dollars in damages for copying the design of the iPhone and iPad. In this case, a week later, Samsung has won a patent dispute against Apple in Tokyo.

In early December, Judge Lucy Koh turned to Apple and Samsung to name for a contract. Samsung consultant Charles Verhoeven mentioned that the South Korean firm is able to negotiate, however “the ball on the facet» Apple. A legal professional from the Cupertino Harold MakEhinni referred to as the August compensation “mild slap on the hand” and mentioned that the courtroom must apply the road that paved the jury in its resolution that the events have modified their conduct.

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