After an extended length of silence, Apple builders have completely different the right way to  informed about issues with crashing apps. Apple lets developers including through  forum and by e-mail know being aware of the problem and that a solution is in the worked. It’s still unclear what the exact causes the issue stated by Instapaper developer Marco Arment.

Several apps in the App Store after a recent update seems to be corrupted so they crash immediately after installation. In addition to Instapaper are the problems for a large number of app updates in the last three days (since July 3) in the App Store appeared. Some examples are GoodReader, an update for Angry Birds HD Free Space and the most recent update to the Bright app. Although Apple said the problem at its still under investigation, it appears the cause is considered by experts to point to Apple’s encryption apps.

This process would only be partly implemented at time of making the apps appear not fully encrypted. Your iPhone, iPod touch or the iPad recognizes the app then not “allowed” and let the app immediately crash.

A poll response to the problems did indeed show that the majority of voters do not suffer from crashing app updates, but at the same time, almost one-third have problems with updates to suffer. At this time the wait when developers are told that the problems are solved. Apple is working with a team dedicated to the problem that both the App Store for iOS and Mac OS X found. This team will developers at short notice via e-mail information, as a spokesman by telephone against a undisclosed developer.

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