Donald Trump, the controversial wing candidate for president of the United States, just give the stroke, once again calling today from his Twitter account for a boycott of Apple products while the Cupertino refuse to cooperate with the FBI.

As you know, Apple is not willing to create a special version of iOS with the FBI to bypass the security measures of the iPhone 5c of one of the terrorists involved in the shooting of San Bernardino. Something that may be more or less debatable, but certainly not enough to call for a boycott.

Trump has invited his followers on Twitter, which are not few, since it has 6.2 million followers- to stop buying products with the logo of the apple until in Cupertino den not budge and create the necessary software so the FBI can access all the information. This time, Trump also preferred to use social networks for even more impact, in addition to exposing your idea in one of his public appearances.

Apple thus becomes another of his goals during the campaign, having also held some peculiar misunderstandings during the last hours, with whom he has also managed all the media attention.

Trump has admitted to being a user of Twitter Apple devices and more specifically the iPhone, making it clear then that also uses Samsung devices and will now begin using exclusively the latter while Apple did not respond to requests from the FBI.
We’ll see how this ends … . (Via: CNBC Now [Twitter])

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