The FBI has asked Apple to provide a way to access the phone information Sniper San Bernardino and Apple’s response was not long in coming. The Cupertino company has responded in an open letter signed by the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, which said that the request of the FBI is a precedent that threatens the safety of its customers with implications “far beyond legal”.

Apple says it has complied with guarantees in the case of San Bernardino, but now the FBI has gone too far from the point of view of Tim Cook, asking them to think too dangerous: a back door. The problem, as Cook has always defended, is that if a backdoor for the “good” is created, it is only a matter of time before the “bad” find it and exploit it.

According to the letter, the US government wants Apple to create a special operating system just for this case, but the apple company says, rightly, that there is no way possible to ensure that this custom code to other cases will not be used and that doing so will not threaten the privacy of users and set a dangerous precedent for future legal cases. In addition, Cook says the government is asking them to hack their own devices and “burst decades of improvements in security to protect our customers.”

Currently, the FBI claims that Apple create a special software to make it possible to apply brute force the PIN. The problem is that, with the same legal justification, could also ask access to messages, health records or access to the iPhone’s camera or microphone without the user noticing it.

In my opinion, and I speak as a user and not as a fan, I think Apple has to stand firm. You know too much and we have tightly controlled so that they can still go further. Here sniper San Bernardino or Paris attacks show that criminals will always find a way to act independently of the safety devices have time. The event sniper San Bernardino would not have been able to stop with what Apple now ask, at the end, as always, users would be affected. What do you think?

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