Apple loses large shoppers in the USA after the corporate stopped the golf green (environmental) label EPEAT. The town of San Francisco has been suggested no longer looking extra Apple merchandise.


MacBook Retina does not fix it '(photos).

Apple says its products independently to have opted out of the American Ecolabel EPEAT. Noteworthy because Apple was partly responsible for setting up the environment list. Kristin Huguet, an Apple spokeswomman said that the reason for stopping the EPEAT participation lies in the aging requirements of that organization.

Apple: "EPEAT is outdated, we are better".

Spearhead for Apple is that no EPEAT standard is set in tablets and smartphones," said Huguet. Apple says no hazardous substances are found in its
components to process, but according to the supplier, it is not measured and evaluated by EPEAT.

"Other environmental measures that Apple itself has taken, will not be EPEAT registered. These are still two key areas that are important for Apple," said Huguet. The company took the initiative to opt out its products for the EPEAT certification.

Governments require EPEAT certification

the problem is that all government agencies and major universities in the United States are required to have an EPEAT certification as a guideline for the purchase of their products. At least 95 percent of electronic goods that are purchased by governments, should be EPEAT certified. A San Francisco spokesman for the municipality stated that it has been already announced that local government departments have been instructed to ignore Apple products. "We encourage Apple to reconsider this withdrawal from EPEAT," said the spokesman.

It is not expected
that Apple will quickly reconsider. Referyo EPEAT. electronic products, which are completely disassembled can be. Recycling process for the products part are eaier but this is not the case with the MacBook pro anymore; various parts are not easy to disassemble. The new Retina display and the battery in the new MacBook Pro completely glued to the device as thin as possible.


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