Apple has within the UK, US. and Canada layoff numerous Apple Retailer employees, reports MacRumors. Staff were put on the street after they were barely concealed. The contracts of Apple workers who for half a year had signed were not renewed. Would the multimedia giant of the crisis feel something or is there another underlying reason?

Apple has been struggling for some time with a negative image towards its employees, but has the last time did everything to change that image. Among other salary increases and better benefits were the relationship between Apple and the workers. Yet, in practice there is still some rectifying to do, because disasters keep coming. Thus, in Britain a few Apple employees that was given promotion, never got salary increase on their account. To top it off, these employees have now been told that they must surrender their promotion and go back to their old job.

Experts say that all this downsizing rather than dealing with the
crisis, but with the strong fluctuation of the crowds at the Apple Stores. In summer it is quiet, while it suddenly very busy during the holiday season. It seems that the Apple remains a challenge to the balance in hiring staff.

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