Apple returned to the first position raking in the annually of the top 100 most respected companies in the world published by U.S. magazine Barron’s.

Last year, after three years of leadership in this list, the Apple iPhone maker landed third place after investment company Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett and multimedia corporation Walt Disney. This year, the Cupertino giant returned to first place by a wide margin. In just the last five years, Apple became the first four in this list.

The list is compiled in a survey of investors. To assess the most affected by such factors as the presence of the strong leadership and commitment to the principles of business ethics, as well as the presence of a reasonable business strategy and competitiveness.


Apple score is equal to 3.94 points, much higher than the average on the list of 100 items, equal 2.37. In second place is last year, Berkshire Hathaway had an estimate of 3.58, and the third was Boeing.

Among the IT-corporations in Barron’s ranking, it can be noted that Google was in the fourth place with 3.52 points, Intel (21th place, 2.94 points), Qualcomm (38th place, 2.68 points) and Samsung Electronics (39th place, 2, 67 points). Complete list is available on Barron’s website edition.

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