Consistent with 9to5Mac Apple’s three primary digital outlets with the advent of iOS 6 totally on the shovel. The iTunes Store, App Store and iBookstore all three is a radical metamorphosis to wait.The focus would be on the new design improved interactivity when making purchases in stores. Socio would be an important component, with the Facebook integration which we reported earlier, today in combination with the iTunes Store is tested.


Remarkably, according to 9to5Mac that there at the back of the digital stores no changes have been made to improve the findability of content. At least, not yet.Apple should definitely plan to purchase in this area of app-engine Chomp to take advantage, but implementation is not ready in time for the introduction of iOS 6. The implentatie this, and also planned new design for the desktop version of Apple’s digital stores, it would still take place later this year.

Blogger Mark Gurman 9to5Mac:

The overhauls are said to be major and they focus on improved interactivity when making purchases in iTunes, the App Store, and the iBookstore.

Earlier in the evening iDownloadBlog already reported that the major innovations in iOS 6 is limited to the standard apps like Mail, Messaging, Camera, Photos etc and that core components of iOS 6 are left untouched. The site also know what to say at least we do not have to expect Apple’s new operating system launches on June 11. iOS 6 will reportedly not the widgets where many users are hoping for and also the home screen remains unchanged.However, there would iOS 6 a new color scheme with silver instead of blue appearance as already evidenced by the WWDS 2012-app, but this is certainly no great change. The redesigned Maps application which Apple Google ma
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 those of his own making has been completely drained, “Nothing more to add,” said the source, which iDownloadBlog a good track record and broad connections within Apple.

According to the source, Apple iOS 6 in virtually every standaardapp the ground up and equipped with all kinds of innovations. True details are scarce because the source wants to protect his informants, but he describes them as “impressive” and speaks of surpassed expectations of Apple. terms of new functionality iOS 6 would therefore not inferior to iOS 5 that brought many innovations such as improved notifications, the new message center and more. For users of the new iPad would update in particular are worth. Why is not entirely clear, but it would have something to do with multitasking capabilities. Apple may extend these capabilities for the most powerful devices. The source insures against the website that “we, amazed” by IOS 6 and that the update “is worth”.


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