Apple Rumored To Have 18W USB-C Adapter For The New iPhones


18-watt USB-C adapterNew photos were spotted on the web for what is appeared to be the rumored Apple 18W USB-C Adapter will come with the 2018 iPhones.

Leaked photos above for the upcoming iPhone 18W USB-C charger have been published on the Japanese blog Mac Otakara (Google Translate). In addition to this new power supply, in the packaging of the next iPhone should also be the USB-C to Lightning cable, which will replace the “old” USB cable.

It is a charger that supports USB Type-C Power Delivery with an output of 5V on 3A (15W) or 9V on 2A (18W). On the basis of the photos, it is difficult to infer whether the accessory is authentic. There are a lot of products made in Asia that look like Apple products.

This charger will ensure fast charging on iPhone without the need to purchase additional power supplies.

The photos fall into what are the Apple standards for its accessories. The text information also reads 18W. Compared to the current 5W version, this is an important step forward in terms of top-up speed. To understand this, by using an 18-watt charger on the iPhone X now, you can get a charge of 79% in one hour. With further optimizations, even better results could be achieved on the next models.

Apple-18-watt-iPhpone-adapter-leakIn addition, the design has more of an oval shape, with rounded corners that reflect the aesthetics of most of Apple’s new hardware products. Obviously we do not know if it is the Apple power supply or a simple prototype, but already in the past other rumors had talked about a device of this type.

Remember, however, that the USB Type-C charging is already compatible with the current iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, but only by purchasing a power supply and cable.

The new 18W charger will be a nice update for the 2018 iPhones, in addition of being the biggest update of accessories bundled in the packaging.

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