Apple plans to soon begin actively to promote direct sales of its products in Russia, this Apple Store retail. According to sources, Apple has recently registered in Russia, a new company called Apple Rus, which are issued to the legal adviser of the American giant consumer electronics in Russia Vitaly Frost.

It is expected that Apple direct sales in Russia will begin in 2013, and when it is scheduled to open the first store Apple Store remains unknown.

According CNet report, a former president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev visited the Apple office and during his visit to Silicon Valley in 2010, where he met with the former CEO Steve Jobs. The purpose of the trip was to the d
evelopment of IT business in Russia, as well as attracting investment to this country from American IT companies.

Last year, the media also reported that a number of Apple executives visited Russia, presumably in the search locations for placement of the first official Russian stores. According to rumors, Apple plans to open a store in the reconstructed "Moscow", but no real confirmation of this story has not received. Perhaps, if the information is true, Russia's first Apple Store will still be open in a hotel.



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