Apple and Samsung begin closing arguments in court


The sensational trial between Apple and Samsung for patent infringement is ending. On the eve of the closing, both parties presented closing arguments to the judges in their defense. Experts believe that any decision from the judges can dramatically change the situation in the mobile industry.

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Apple attorney Apple lasted 75 minutes and pointed out some of the evidence presented in court , witness testimony including the internal document Samsung c analysis of the benefits iPhone, newspaper articles about the "revolutionary design" of the device. The fact that Samsung consciously decided to copy the Apple smartphone and asking for the compensation to be a larger amount, since the scope of patent rights is also huge, he said.

Samsung's lawyer did not deny the similarity between the two phones but in his opinion, he stated that the similarity is the result of the phone industry natural evolution, and Apple did not provide any evidence that show that consumers are confused between the two companies products.

Because the jury received instructions from the judge
on more than 100 pages, and the form of the verdict, contains more than 700 items, not all analyzed items are solved to predict exactly when the jury will make its decision.

As evidence of the company introduced a number of other documents, which attempted to show how the products look to Samsung, and after-market devices from Apple. Thus, the disposal of Apple, 132-page document, translated from the Korean language, which implies that the developers have compared the smallest details of Samsung Galaxy S smartphones and iPhone. As a result of the South Korean competitors have come to the conclusion that in order to better promote its products to produce a device similar to the iPhone. As a further evidence of his innocence Apple stated that the similarity of products from Samsung and Apple highlighted Google, generating  Android OS, based on which devices work Samsung.

 According to Apple, Samsung said it rejected the request to change the design. In his closing speech, lawyer Harold Makelhinni reiterated that Samsung «could in the three months to copy and translate the result of four years of investment in hard work and ingenuity of Apple». Company estimated the damage caused Samsung, at $ 2.5 billion in addition, Apple requires Samsung withdraw products from the U.S. market.

Patent proceedings in the United States was another milestone scale conflict between Apple and Samsung. Experts believe that the outcome could change the mobile industry as a whole. If Apple wins, the Korean company and other manufacturers will receive a powerful stimulus for the innovation in design and interfaces. If the jury decided to side with Samsung, in the coming years, we should expect to see a huge number of "impunity counterfeit Apple".


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