Apple and Samsung don’t compromise of their patent disputes, after a decide requested for simplification, writes Bloomberg. Judge Lucy Koh had asked both parties to make a final attempt to settle their dispute, or at least their mutual claims to weaken the case and to simplify and 'streamline'.

She had Apple and Samsung also dedicated their CEOs more time to discuss the case together.The lawyers of the two adversaries have the right jointly announced Sunday to simplify the matter without success. The document makes no mention of a recent conversation between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Kwon Oh Hyun, Samsung CEO.Today, Judge Koh instructed to the jury to complete. Tomorrow (Tuesday) are the closing arguments of both parties will be on the roll. The deliberation of the jury would begin the same day.

Last Friday, on the last sitting day, lawyers interrogated Apple and Samsung number of witnesses. Janusz Ordover, an economics professor who was called as a witness by Apple, Samsung said its patents on technology for the 3GPP standard had been abused.Samsung would have unreasonable attached licenses its inventions and also claimed that 2.4 percent of the iPhone or iPad price. During the process Samsung's lawyer mentioned a fee of 2 to 2.75 percent of total iPhone sales if it is shown that Apple is guilty of patent infringement.

According to the ETSI guidelines reduced rates apply for licenses to technology that is indispensable for creating products based on ETSI standards. Michael Walker, former chairman of ETSI, testified Friday that Sams
ung had not timely reported that it possessed patents on technology used in the 3G standard is processed.

Walker had to admit that he did not know whether Samsung intentionally has singed the patents in time at ETSI. Another witness, damage expert David Teece, examined how long it take for other companies patents to ETSI to report once a standard has been accepted. Companies like Apple, Ericsson and Motorola Mobility also appear weeks, months or even years to do, said Teece.

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