Apple buys huge development site in San Jose for $138 million



Apple has spent $138 million for the purchase of a huge land of 17.4 hectares at 2347 North First Street in San Jose, California. While the company is currently in full work on its Campus 2, one is entitled to wonder what it intends to do as many hectares.

For now, no answer is given but we imagine that the California firm has great plans in place. In the possible hypotheses, it is not impossible that Apple plans to build a building or buildings related to its Apple Car. As much space would allow it to manufacture its electric car, or to make tests in real situations.
Located about twenty kilometers from the current campus, this new plot might be also a prime location for out of the earth a Research and Development center – why not related to his car or other goods headed.

In any case, Apple will inevitably prepares something huge if one is based on the fact that she bought the land, instead of renting it. We should learn a little more as the weeks and months with the little curious who will go there to scrutinize the slightest movement on the ground. (Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal)

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