Apple Seeded iOS 11.2 and watchOS 4.2 Beta 2 for developers



This week Apple seeded  iOS 11.2 and watchOS 4.2 that arrive in Beta 2, currently for registered developers. These new versions are now available for download from the terminal itself if you have installed the developer profile, or from the Apple developer portal.

The changes in these new Betas at the moment are not very remarkable, and include solutions to some bugs with the Calculator app, or new wallpapers for the older devices, in addition to the animated wallpapers that we can see in advertising of the iPhone X, but only for this phone.

iOS 11.2 could finally include Apple Pay Cash a function that Apple announced in the past Keynote presentation of iOS 11 but of which we have not yet heard anything but some internal leaks. It is expected to be a popular method for making payments between individuals, integrated within the Apple Messages application, and that we can use to transfer that money to our account or to pay at stores that use Apple Pay. AirPlay 2 is also another of the new features that are expected in this next version, but at the moment there is no trace of them in these new Betas, as well as the synchronization of Messages in iCloud.

watchOs 4.2 Beta 2 is also available to download on our Apple Watch if we have the developer profile installed, we must remember that there is no public beta for watchOS, because you can not downgrade the official version later if we wanted to . The news of this Beta for Apple Watch are barely perceptible at the moment for users, so it seems that they are simply limited to improving performance and fixing detected faults.

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