Apple Seeded The Third Public Beta Of iOS 12



After launching the fourth beta for developers of iOS 12 yesterday, today, Apple launched the corresponding version for users of the public beta. Although the beta number is different, developers go for the fourth and users of the public beta for the third, both betas offer us the same version number.

Since Apple opened the public betas program for iOS 12, both versions have always gone hand in hand, so if you were one of the first users to whom the desire could and installed a developer profile, being today the same version, would not be otherwise, delete that profile and move to the program of public betas.


This third beta of iOS 12, does not offer much at least as we can read in the details of the version, no significant development worth mentioning, as Apple engineers are focusing on improving both performance and stability and security of the same. It is striking that the latest version of iOS 12 available works much better than some iOS 11 updates, proving once again that the priority performance for Apple.


This third public beta of iOS 12, comes hand in hand with the third public beta of tvOS 12, a version that, like that of iOS 12, also focuses on improving the performance, stability and security of the version, since the number of news available is much smaller than what we can find in iOS 12.

If you still have not encouraged to install any of the public betas and believe that the time has come, you just have to go through the Program Apple public betas, sign up with your Apple ID and follow all the steps indicated.

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