Apple Launched Second Beta Of tvOS 10.2 And watchOS 3.2



Apple released the second beta of TVOS 10.2 and watchOS 3.2 to fix some bugs and adds some enhancements to the overall performance. After releasing last Monday of the first beta of watchOS 3.2, Apple made available its second beta. This beta does not include any novelty with the naked eye, as we could see in the first beta. In this one, only one tries to polish the improvements that were seen last Monday.

Among these improvements we can remember the longed for “Cine Mode”, which we were waiting for in the Apple Watch and we are still waiting on our iPhone. With this mode, we can silence our device very quickly, to avoid that when lifting the arm, it turns on. Something that will suit us very well when we are in the cinema and we do not want our device to be lit.

In tvOS, it happens like the second beta of watchOS. It only focuses on improving all the new features that were included such as the Single Sign-on function. In addition, we see the following improvements

What’s new in tvOS 10.2 beta 2

  • Support program in device enrollment.
  • Support for improved mobile device management.
  • Support for VideoToolBox.

These betas, as we are accustomed, do not bring anything new to the naked eye, although they include great improvements in performance and security that we do not finish appreciating, leaving us only with the interface and functionality.

It is clear that Apple takes very seriously at present its system of betas, not throwing them quickly with very serious failures. This we have seen in this week that have left the margin between a beta and another, as we have seen in iOS, macOS or tvOS.

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