Apple seeks to deal with the iPhone 4S Battery Existence Concerns


The iPhone 4S is now to be had for 2 weeks and have issues quickly emerged. Its predecessor is the antenna that used to be missing. Conserving it in a technique, the bars of the community plummeted to fantastic velocity; Apple requires is a superb controversy used to be born. The corporate needed to appropriate the issue. Just right information, iPhone 4S 2011 is devoid of this issue .

Unfortunately, another has emerged among some: a reduction of autonomy . So what?


The Guardian reports that a user is just one of those people and was to be contacted. It turns out that the iPhone 4S loses 10% of self every hour, even in standby mode . For testing, it announced that it tried everything: Siri and disable location services, restore the phone and install no third-party application. He realized that the problem was an essential function of the devic

Subsequently, his words confirm that Apple is about to blow and want to fix this problem. In fact, Apple is trying to gather many users having this desire to find a solution. Thus, an engineer of the brand was contacted to install a monitoring system.

I then received a call from an Apple engineer who said he had read my message and trying to contact users with the famous result for the battery. He admits that this is a problem (and they are not about to fix it!). He asked me many questions about my daily use and then asked me if he could install the file below and it would remind me later to retrieve the information. I extracted the file on my Mac after a sync and I sent him by mail. He was incredibly helpful.

In the meantime, you can follow our little tricks to get a battery that lasts a little longer.


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