Apple Selecting Retail Employees to Improve iOS 6 Maps


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Although iOS 6 maps application from Apple certainly not bad, it is also clear that there are enough problems with it. The service was about two weeks ago officially announced during the release of Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 6. Errors that you will find are melted bridges, closed restaurant, and farms are mentioned as airports, it was so bad that Apple CEO Tim Cook in a public letter apologized. The company said earlier indicated that it will do everything to provide the service as soon as possible to improve the maps app, and they do have a very special way. Apple retail Store employees would be asked to improved maps.

According to an article from MacRumors, multiple Apple Stores are part of a program where 40 hours per week will be devoted to improving the iOS 6 maps. Teams of blue shirts Apple will soon roam the streets, to the accuracy of the maps to control, and to see if your local Burger King in real life not a plant nursery. The employees will have to report to an expert who is assigned to each store, this will later change the errors in the internal database of Apple Maps.

MacRumors wrote:

MacRumors has discovered that Apple is piloting a application to faucet into its huge choice of retail retailer workers to assist toughen the corporate’s new Maps app for iOS 6.

Important points on the initiative stay doubtful, however more than one sources have indicated that taking part retailers will devote forty hours of workforce time per week, dispensed amongst numerous staff, to manually take a look at Apple’s mapping information of their areas and put up corrections and enhancements.

The so-known as crowd-sourcing is an effective way for Apple to toughen the standard of their playing cards as speedy as that you can think of to support, sadly there may be no longer in each metropolis an Apple Retailer to search out, and this will likely additionally imply that handiest the city areas on the map to be more advantageous. It’s finally clear that Apple continues to be various work beforehand of it ahead of it may be mentioned that Apple Maps the best and strongest playing cards carrier.

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