Apple sends invites for 4-Inch iPhone SE, 9.7-Inch iPad Pro “Let Us Loop You In” event on March 21



It’s official. Apple just sent out invitations to the event, if there are no surprises and forecasts are met, the new 4-inch iPhone will be presented and a new model of iPad 9.7 inch saw changed his date of filing of the usual October to return to unfold in the spring. As we all expected, the Keynote will be held on March 21 at 10 AM Pacific. If you want to know what time the event will be held in your area you just have to keep reading.

Unfortunately and as usual for several years now, major surprises are expected. The 4-inch iPhone will be called and will have an almost exact design to the iPhone 5s, getting itself to say that the covers for the last 4-inch model will be worth for the next. The biggest difference in design will be in the sleep button, being in the next model in the same position as it is on the iPhone 6+. Inside, the new model will have the same components found in the iPhone 6s (A9 and M9, 2GB of RAM and chip NFC to pay with apple pay) but does not include 3D screen Touch and cameras deran those of a previous model.

In fact, on March 21, the release of new Apple Watch models will be announced as well. Also,  it is  likely Apple will release software updates currently in beta (iOS 9.3, 2.2 watchOS, tvOS 9.2, OS X 10.11.4). The event will be broadcast live video from Apple.

As for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, it will be a small version of the pro tablet that was presented back in September, but with a flash for photos. As the model of 12.9-inch, the new iPad normal size is compatible with the Apple Pencil and will Smart Connector so that you can attach accessories, of which it is expected to have a smaller Smart Keyboard to fit well with the 9.7-inch model. As the largest model, the AX9 processor, 4GB of RAM and four speakers will be integrated.

In any case, on March 21, we will see the final appearance, complete specifications, and where the upcoming smartphone will compare to iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, as well as the pricing plans with carriers. Stay tuned!

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