Apple shares ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ slow-motion videos



Another week in which Apple shares videos that are recorded with an iPhone 6. The Cupertino company started to include slow-motion videos  “Shot on iPhone 6” earlier this month and added 4 more last week. “Shot on iPhone 6” is a campaign that shows the quality of the iPhone 6 camera.

The two new videos have the same structure as the above, with a short video about 15 seconds where a third of them are Apple’s own labels. Besides the duration, also they have background music, like the rest of videos that are included in this campaign in the past. The first video was recorded in Brazil and we see an athlete doing a little stunt with the bike in slow motion. The second video is a woman rowing a boat in Thailand, also in slow motion.

The “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign was launched in March, just one day after the presentation of Samsung Galaxy S6 and they had clearly manipulated photos of the iPhone 6 coming out the dark. But it is virtually impossible to keep relationship because there would be ample time to create a full campaign in about 24 hours.

The first thing we saw in this marketing campaign were a selection of images taken by professional photographers around the world. It seems, is now the turn of the video camera and most likely to see several videos over in about two weeks at most.

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