Apple Shares the Best Reviews of the iPhone XR


After the release of the first reviews dedicated to the iPhone XR, Apple published a collection of positive reviews written by some of the well-known websites.

In the press release, Apple published 13 fragments from the reviews of the iPhone XR.

Even though Apple only highlighted the positive reviews, the reviews have confirmed that the iPhone XR is an excellent device, especially with regard to the quality/price ratio. Among the best features are reported almost by all the camera, the battery, the excellent 6.1-inch LCD screen, and the A12 Bionic processor can offer high performance.

Phil Schiller has also shared some of these reviews on Twitter

Here are some fragments Apple published:


“The iPhone XR is the Goldilocks of the iPhone with a big screen, fantastic cameras and future-proof power”


“Although the iPhone XR is the mid-range iPhone produced by Apple, the feeling is very similar to that of a well-made jewelry. It is of excellent quality, with a wonderful 7-layer process that clarifies the back of the glass, giving it a depth and a spark that are unmatched in consumer electronics “.

PC Mag

“You’re getting a really superb phone that does everything perfectly. Given the price, this makes it the best flagship phone on the market “.

Tom’s Guide

“iPhone XR offers high performance, great cameras, and longer battery life than other flagship phones, all in a colorful and convenient package.”

Best Products

“We found the iPhone XR excellent, as it offers everything that most consumers will ever need: it has more processing power than any other competitor, exceptional battery life and a fantastic camera.”

(via Apple)

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