Apple Shares The First iPad Pro Ad Ahead of Launch



There were a lot rumors recently about the possible arrival of the Apple iPad Pro Stores. Yesterday we leave doubts and we know that tomorrow, November 11th, we will reserve our iPad Pro both physical stores and Apple’s online store. Building on the launch of the iPad nearly 13 inches in size, the Cupertino have been tapped to launch the first announcement of this device, which according to Tim Cook will replace laptops and desktops …

The announcement entitled an ‘A Great Big Universe’, which shows several applications with which we can enjoy the stars in the sky through the retina display that integrates the device, showing the splendor of the universe. The applications used in the ad are Sky Guide Pro and Star Walk, both available on the App Store and allow us to explore the galaxy from where we are.

Apple seems to be convinced that this new device will hit the market for users to dispose of laptops and desktops that have in their homes, according to Tim Cook said a few days ago in an interview. Tim Cook is not what we do with our laptops or desktops, but the Pro and iPad models without this name is thought, are designed to consume content.

Create content on the iPad Pro and Pro models do not, despite having added a stylus and a cover with keyboard, we still offer the same user experience as the new model is still managed by IOS and not for OS X, or a mixture of both operating systems. For many people use the mouse or trackpad is indispensable in the day. Besides existing in the market for iPad, keyboards are more of the same, small size keyboard that takes some getting used to.

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