Apple shares topped $600 for the first time since 2012



Apple shares for the first time in two years  hit $600 and reached $600.96 ( 2.7 %) closing out. Apple did not reach this level since October 2012. Apple shares reached its peak on September 18, 2012, in which the price per share exceeded $700 . To be precise, the closing exchange rate was $700.44 .

In October 2010, Apple shares were worth $300 a piece, and in July 2011 has topped $400 . Mark of $500 per share was passed February 13, 2012 after a two-week period of growth caused by brilliant performance of the company in the first fiscal quarter. Thus, during the beginning of the year securities manufacturer of iPhone and iPad rose in price by 73%.

Apple’s stock started to fall sharply after reports published at the end of 2012 . The company’s profit in the IV quarter of last year grew by only 1%, to $13.1 billion in sales “apple ” of the empire increased by 18% , to $54.5 billion , was below analysts’ forecasts , expects $54.9 billion ” losing streak ” began in October 2012 , when Cook presented the public with iPad mini.

Apple-Stock-wall-1The current growth of quotations of experts associated with a significant increase in the size of capital intended for payments to shareholders under the applicable program Apple. The Company intends to use a total of over $130 billion in the expanded program before the end of calendar 2015.

In addition , the board announced a share split in the ratio of seven for one. Each shareholder of Apple at the end of the trading day on June 2, 2014 will receive six additional shares for every share of which he owned at the balance sheet date, and trading of shares adjusted for the split will start from June 9, 2014 .

Apple is currently the largest corporation in the world largest market capitalization. The cost of “apple ” of the empire was $518 billion , which is significantly greater than that of traditional rival – Oil and gas giant Exxon Mobil ($444 billion ) .

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