Apple Showed interest in acquiring TikTok


Microsoft was willing to acquire TikTok, but Axios’ latest report would be sensational. Apple would also have expressed a willingness to acquire TikTok. Will it be a challenge between the two giants?

The news comes from Dan Primack’s Axios Pro Rata newsletter and explains that, according to several sources, Apple has expressed interest in a potential acquisition of TikTok. None of these sources, however, would seem to come directly from Apple, and it would also be an unusual acquisition for the Cupertino company, given that it is a multi-platform service.

Despite the “different sources”, an Apple spokesman allegedly told Axios that there are currently no discussions regarding the purchase of TikTok and that the company is not interested. Despite the denial, it could only be a facade declaration, to try not to shake the waters and create the conditions for an upward auction.

According to a Fox Business report, not only Microsoft and Apple would be affected, but also Google and Facebook would have shown interest in the acquisition of TikTok in the past. However, it is not clear if negotiations are currently underway between ByteDance and the two companies in question. We will update you as soon as we know more.

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