Apple shows Swift programming and Metal-development platform for games



Apple at the developer conference WWDC on Monday announced Swift programming, as an alternative to Objective-C will serve for Apple software. The company also came up with a new development platform for games called Metal.

Swift uses the same compiler and runtime as Apple’s implementation of Objective-C. This can run side by side in the same program both languages. In addition, Swift can be just as Objective-C Cocoa and Cocoa Touch APIs appeal.

Apple claims that Swift is a complex object can sort than Objective-C. Half times faster Playgrounds in Xcode Swift can be invoked and the output of the code immediately visible. This may include useful for game developers who want to see what does their script, as demonstrated during the conference which also Apple iOS 8  and Mac OS X ‘Yosemite’  were announced.


With Swift programs for both iOS and OS X can be made. Apple says that the language is immediately available and developers from this autumn applications written in Swift may submit.

In addition to the new programming, Apple also announced Metal, a new development platform for games. The platform is built specifically for the new Apple A7 processor, the manufacturer used in the iPhone 5s, iPad 4 and iPad mini with Retina, and would have full access to the computing power of the GPU. Apple wants to replace OpenGL standard for graphics in games and apps with Metal.

The Cupertino company argues that Swift is faster than Objective C or Python, as proof of Apple showed a table with comparisons . The company said that with the help of Swift can write anything you want , starting with social applications and ending the game. To show the possibilities of Swift, company representatives directly during the presentation of the written application .

Swift is designed to assist developers in creating a safer and more trusted code, while eliminating the entire common categories of software errors . Manual programming language is already available for free in iTunes, language information is found on the company’s website for developers.

The final version of Swift will be available this fall , and applications created in this language may be published in the App Store and Mac App Store when new Apple operating systems are available.

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