Apple just enabled the “single sign-on” on Apple TV, making it much easier the management of subscriptions to some TV services.

The “single sign-on” is now active on tvOS and iOS in the US, but only for some services such as DiecTV, Dish Network and Sling TV, along with the app NBC, Syfy, Bravo and A&E. The spread is still low and lacking very important services such as HBO, but considering that the feature is out of beta is only reasonable to expect the support of new channels and new app early as next week.


With this feature, a single one-time set up access, you can authenticate all these services account with a single click, both of which tvOS on iOS. In practice, it is a sort of valid universal access to a variety of applications, all related to streaming TV services, which allows the user to avoid having to enter your credentials every time to access those services.

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