Apple: Siri will not be available on older devices


It's legitimate: Siri is not going to see the date on the older plane . Via an e-mail , an Apple engineer who silenced the rumor train from a few days on the canvas, which like Siri would be focused in particular on the iPhone 4.Michael Steeb, a developer, reports that his knowledge was recently contacted Apple requesting a build special iOS 5 with Siri included even paying.


In the mail sent initially, users expressed that many users of iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4 would pay $ 19.99 in order to have Siri on their bike, "to prevent Hackers hijack Siri to put illegally on devices other than iPhone 4S. " Although system tries, it fails. The Apple engineer replied that "Siri only works with the iPhone 4S" and have "currently no plans to support old devices." Note the "now", suggesting a possibility could emerge. Unfortunately, this is unlikely. "  Business is business


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