Apple sold 1.4 million Apple TVs last quarter


When asserting the quarterly results from Apple early today, it was mainly about the iPhone and iPad with tens of millions of units sold. The Apple TV, it appeared not to bad: Apple's media center was in the last quarter of 2011 sold 1.4 million times . The number is impressive, since Apple in the total fiscal year 2011 only 2.8 million Apple TVs sold.


There are already rumors, Apple has a television that sometime this year will be revealed. Steve Jobs told the writer of his biography to have found a breakthrough for the television market, which would change everything. The positive sales figures for Apple TV, throwing fuel on the fire, because they confirm that Apple's previous attempt on the television market bore fruit.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple TV officially a hobby for Apple. He left during the presentation is hinted to be constantly adding new features. He still describes the device as a hobby.

“I can’t live without my Apple TV. We still classify this as a hobby, but we continue to add things to it. We will continue to pull strings and see where we can take it.”

"We continue to add things to it, and I don't know about you but I couldn't live without it. We continue to pull the strings and see where it takes us."

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