Apple started shipping sapphire glass for iPhone 6 in China



Apple started shipping sapphire glass factory in Arizona in anticipation of the start of mass production of iPhone 6. Supplies are designed for partners in China, which is currently preparing to release a new model. According to analyst firm UBS Research, a sapphire glass production costs Apple in the amount of $8.5 to $10. First delivery volumes are estimated at $1 million

In our own factory for the production of sapphire in Arizona Apple has invested a huge sum – $ 578 million increased interest producer to the most hardest natural substance after diamond is dictated by several factors. First, synthetic sapphire glass from about 3-4 times stronger than the ” fortified ” coating Gorilla Glass, now widely used in many smartphones.

Secondly, colorless sapphire , scratch resistant , very hard ( melts at 2030 degrees Celsius) and also virtually impervious to corrosive chemicals. These qualities allow it to become a reliable protection screens iPhone, iPad and other products of Apple.

The disadvantages of sapphire glass front Gorilla Glass include higher density – 2.54 g/cm3 3.98 g/cm3 against , that is at the same size , Corning will cover easier. Apple, however, can produce more subtle sapphire sheets to compensate for excess weight and reduce the overall thickness of the device . The company has already adopted this approach in the iPad Air, reducing the thickness of the new tablet due to a thin glass and the LCD panel.

Apple now uses a sapphire crystal to protect the camera lens and the fingerprint sensor Touch ID, built- in button “Home” . However, huge investment shows that the interest of the American manufacturer to this material is very large . In addition , the company recently patented a means of securing the housing sapphire iPhone – it clearly is not just about protecting the camera lens and sensor Touch ID.

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