Apple Started Training Retail Employees and Partners For Apple Pay Mobile Payments Service



Announced at last keynote,  Apple Pay mobile payments service is preparing for its final jump to the masses. To do this, Apple itself has been pursuing a policy of “young soldier” to their employees who are lucky enough to be the first active participants in the new mobile payments service.

Training course for Apple Store sheds little light on the specifics of setting Apple Pay and process transactions. As you can see in the illustration, Apple Pay can be configured directly through the app Passbook. Not for nothing in iOS 8.1 theme combined into a single database called “Passbook & Apple Pay”. Currently, there is only about eight Ability to add maps, but, as shown by our survey, it should be quite enough.

Another interesting fact is that the settings Passbook / Apple Pay imply quite serious involvement of banks in customer service. For example, users of Apple Pay at any time will be available lists of recent transactions on the cards, with quick access to the accounts, the request for the balance, statement of documents and other necessary services.

Apple-Pay-credit-card-setupAnother interesting point: if the validity period expires, Passbook will automatically update the map with the new expiration date, ordering it from your issuing bank. User does not even need to go to the office and restructure the documents: The system will do it for him, notifying changes push-message.

applepay8-680x379Apple also informed employees about the process of return of goods purchased in Apple Pay. According to the training materials, buyers who bought iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and want it for some reason to return back, will pass authentication otherwise. This is due to the fact that when you buy through Apple Pay in the document does not contain any name of the buyer or the number of his card, they will be identified by the last four digits of a credit card and four last figures UDID returned device.[via 9to5mac]

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