Apple has started with repairing an exploit that allows you an iPhone with a SAM package can unlock , hacker @ Muscle Nerd tweeted . This method was previously discovered in April by the Chinese hacker Loktar_Sun. Muscle Nerd says that previously made ​​
unlock activation tickets
still work. It is therefore recommended that you made ​​advance tickets now to save and preserve a safe place.


Have you performed a SAM Unlock, then you can with RedSn0w your activation ticket to a computer. These can then use when you want to unlock the iPhone again later.

According to Muscle Nerd could Unlock attempted SAM tonight occasionally fail. As Apple makes progress to fix the exploit, it would be harder to perform the unlock. Probably it is finally impossible. Have you not yet performed the unlock and you wanted to do, we recommend this as soon as possible. How you do that, read the following article: Tutorial: iPhone Unlock Package with SAM-unlock (jailbreak) .We dare not say how far Apple is closing the leak: the chance that the above method no longer works.


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