Apple begins on-line marketing campaign for iPhone 5



Apple has launched a campaign to promote the iPhone 5. “There’s the iPhone. And then comes everything else “is one of the slogans that Apple wants to make clear how special the iPhone. Another slogan emphasizes how easy it is to keep the iPhone 5. The timing of the campaign, via the web and email is conducted, not quite happen naturally, so soon after the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S IV. According to the first reviews that device has impressive specs, but it remains at a crucial shortcomings: it feels like the cheap plastic casing still like a toy phone. Apple is trying to campaign to make clear that the iPhone is superior to other smartphones, in build quality.

iPhone 5The iPhone is therefore continuously at the top of the rankings when it comes to customer satisfaction, Apple emphasized. Highlights iOS 6, iCloud, the App Store and the housing of the iPhone, both in design and what technology is concerned. But the campaign also mentions some points which you can put into question, such as “fantastic battery life”. Many people will think differently.
And the remark that only the iPhone has a Retina display is rather bland. Apple is the only company that the term ‘Retina’ used logically so. It had been more honest to the actual screen resolutions and pixel densities using. But they do not, because all the iPhone 5 would not have come out on top.
Apple seems the hot breath of competition in recent days some stronger neck to feel. Just before the Galaxy S IV was introduced uttered Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller in an interview negative about the competition. This is rarely done, Apple usually chooses to focus on their own products and to the outside world too much to let on what the competition is thought.
If the campaign on Apple’s website to view, you can do so here: Why iPhone?

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