Apple started to take routers from the Belkin subsidiary Linksys in the program. Initially, this is just the mesh system. This reduces the likelihood that Apple’s outdated airport routers will be updated. Even the 802.11n device is still offered to customers as current goods.

Apple has begun to include third-party wireless router in its own sales program. Linksys’ Velop system has recently been added to the shop. Noteworthy is the development, because Apple is usually very careful in offering products that compete with their own. To a certain extent, they are an admission that their own hardware is no longer sufficient for customers.

However, Apple keeps its airport router in the program, even if the product category has probably been abandoned. 9to5mac said that Apple own products would continue to be sold and with the mesh units only an additional option on the market. The opportunity to make a clear statement here on the future of the airport router left out the often silent company.


Apple has given up or neglected many products in recent years. Their own Thunderbolt displays were abolished, the Mac Mini is still sold as 2014 configuration and the development cycles of other hardware off the iPads and iPhones have become uncomfortably long. Apple has catching up in so many product categories that new routers are unlikely. In addition, the company is successful with the sale of outdated hardware that can hardly be found in the competition.

Incorporating this accessory from a third party into the catalog reminds us of when Apple added the LG Ultrafine monitors to replace their Cinema Displays. Although AirPort are still on sale today. The Linksys Velop are on sale in two-pack and three-pack  at a price of $349.95 and $499.95 respectively on the Apple website.

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