Over the last six months, Apple's stock fairly "storm", the rate rose and fell, and soaring to $636.34 in mid-April, as sharply fell to $ 600, and remained at that level until the current moment. However, to the delight of investors and fans of Apple, who actively and regularly monitor the stock price favorite company, the value of securities again "broke" the bar at $600 and closed yesterday at $636.34.

A similar result has been once again a record for Apple since the inception of the company. Causes another success at the stock exchange are not only messages about upcoming payments to investors of the company, which should make an impressive $2.5 billion, but the rumors that the company is going to present in September, the next generation iPhone, updated models of iPod and a brand new iPad mini.

Of course, the shares is unlikely to linger long at the current mark and is likely to continue its normal tour of "rollercoaster" NASDAQ, but after the release of the new iPhone and the Christmas quarter, it is re waiting for the next success quotes from Apple. [MacRumors]


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