Apple Stop Signing iOS 8.3, Downgrades No Longer Possible


iPhone firmwareiOS 8.3 has come to an end as Apple is no longer signing the firmware version for neither downgrades nor restores ! A new chapter is now open for one week with iOS 8.4 by ringing Apple Music. This means that if you wanted to return to iOS 8.3, you can not do it. In itself, this does not matter since the Jailbreak iOS 8.4 is also available for one week. You might want to consider saving your SHSH blobs just in case.

You will not regret moving on iOS 8.4 to enjoy including Apple Music, Apple’s new streaming music service that offers 3 months free before going to an individual package at $9.99 / month or package family $14.99 (up to 6 people).

As Mixpanel reveals, statistics adoption of iOS 8.4 are good with 34% of devices running the latest firmware dated – Apple Music is necessarily a factor since no new is proposed.

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