Apple Stopped Signing iOS 12.0


continues its tradition of stopping signing old iOS versions. Starting Monday, October 22, it will be no longer possible to install iOS 12 or earlier versions on your device. This means that any update will take you directly to the iOS 12.0.1 version or higher.

This may be obvious to the vast majority of iOS users, but not so much for others who think that previous versions of iOS are always better than the latest.

On the other hand, it is also true that some older devices, no longer receive the latest available versions but in this case, you need to install the most recent firmware to stay secure.

Apple may be satisfied with the rate of iOS 12 adoptions since at this point more than 50% of all compatible devices are already running this version.

Obviously, it is also about correcting flaws like found in the latest version of iOS 12.0.1 that allows access to photos through a combination with the Accessibility > VoiceOver functionality.

In short, it’s about improving the system, we have to be clear that Apple does not want its OS to fail.

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