ios7Hackers have warned users who want to have a jailbreak in the near future to stay away from the newly released  iOS 7.0.6 firmware, since there’s no jailbreak exploits .

IOS 7.1 update came out in March 10 , five months after the start of testing . Typically Apple continues to sign the old firmware for a few more days , but this time the window slammed shut very soon – the company stopped signing iOS 7.0.6 in a few hours after the release.

Now Apple has stopped signing the iOS 7.0.6 for any of the compatible devices. This means that the downgrade iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 7.1 on the previous version of the OS is not possible . That is, users can not downgrade to earlier versions , for which there is a jailbreak exploit .

In the iOS 7.1 update includes new technology that restricts developers the ability to create software solutions for jailbreak . The company not only closed some key vulnerabilities , but also blocked the exit method of the “sandbox” for the service Apple File Connection. In addition to iOS 7.0.6 Apple stopped signing as all beta iOS 7.1.

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