Apple Stopped Signing iOS iOS 10.1.1



An update is beginning to arrive at Apple phones, such as the iPhone 7. The operating system takes a small leap forward and reaches the version iOS 10.1.1, in a somewhat surprising way and with important news, although not of great Draft The case is that it is possible to move forward to achieve greater stability and that several errors are corrected.

There was not much information regarding the arrival of iOS 10.1.1, but from the Cupertino company it has been understood that the arrival of this iteration is sufficiently important and with identity that it is worth giving the step of its release directly In devices, what is known as Over the Air. By the way, the compatibility goes beyond the iPhone 7, and all models with the latest version firmware.

As usual in the updates of the operating system of Apple, the case is completely free and, besides, it does not occupy much the file that is obtained since hardly exceeds the 63 GB. Of course, as it is always important to have a good battery charge (above 90%) and to limit potential problems being connected to a WiFi network is an excellent idea.

Once the iOS 10.1 version was released a week ago, now comes this new version which, as we have indicated, is intended for the correction of detected faults. An example is the solution for users who had stopped seeing their data in the application that measures health in the iPhone 7 and other models with Apple’s operating system. In addition, some security doors are “closed” and the terminals are optimized. That is, it’s worth the download.

The deployment is being done gradually so you may not yet have the corresponding warning. However, it is possible to search manually in the General section of the Settings. If you do this step and do not skip the view, there is nothing more than having some patience to get iOS 10.1.1 for your iPhone 7 – in any of its variants.

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